Desert In Bloom - Peterman's Eye - The J Peterman Company

Desert in Bloom

The vistas here in this land of desert and rock feature deep canyons and striated rock formations. But the most impressive sight is yet to come. At some point next…

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Shawl Collar Suede Jacket - The J Peterman Company

The Lighthouse Keeper

Long-rumored to never leave Finback Isle, Francis is something of an icon around Casco Bay. For years, his only reported human contact was two local lobster boats that brought supplies…

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Stephen Kerner Artist - Peterman's Eye

Stephen Kerner – Artist

  • February 1, 2019
  • Art

Many thanks to Stephen and Connie Kerner at Kerner Arts for allowing us to shoot our new spring styles in their home in Woodstock, New York. Stephen is a world-renowned…

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Enjoy the View.

Ferrying freight. Ferrying people. Ferrying cars. Even souls, if you remember your Greek mythology, where the boatman transported souls across the River Styx to the Underworld. It was a one-way…

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Say What - Peterman's Eye - The J Peterman Company

Say What?

Could you repeat that? Well, at least, they understand themselves. After all, Eliza Doolittle sounded natural to herself, before 'enry 'iggins tried to mold her into "a lady." Paul Kerswill,…

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